The Producers

 The Producers Projection screen

25 – 29 October 2016

For the first time at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal, Mel Brooks’ record breaking, 12 Tony award winning musical – The Producers.

Originally produced on Broadway in 2001, based on one of the funniest films ever made, starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, the musical not only broke box office records, but had the most amazing reception. The New York Times said: “How do you single out highlights in a bonfire ?… It is, to put it simply, the real thing: a big Broadway book musical that is so ecstatically drunk on its powers to entertain that it leaves you delirious, too” The story is based around the character of Max Bialystock, a down and out Broadway producer whose latest work flopped on opening night. Max, scrabbling to stay afloat, experiences a change in fortune when downtrodden accountant, Leo Bloom, discovers there is money to be made in Max’s theatrical failure. As a result, the pair form an unlikely union with the goal of creating the world’s worst musical – Springtime for Hitler! The plot develops as the duo enlists the help of ridiculous and outrageous characters on the way such as crazy pigeon and Third Reich enthusiast Franz Liebkind, Ulla the blonde bombshell secretary/receptionist and the flamboyant director Roger De Bris, not to forget a horde of tap-dancing, zimmer-whirling old ladies. Book now for what may well be the funniest night out next Autumn.

Book by Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan.
Music & Lyrics by Mel Brooks
Original Direction & Choreography by Susan Stroman

By special arrangement with StudioCanal

By arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd. On behalf of Music Theatre International of New York.


Director/Choreographer – Lisa Lee

Musical Director – Steve Williams

Assistant Musical Director – Jon Orton

Rehearsal Accompanists – David Hails / Helen Tooth


Max Bialystock – Simon Theobald

Simon Theobald-2 (1)
Leo Bloom – Mark Coffey-Bainbridge

Mark Coffey-Bainbridge
Franz Liebkind – Ian Pottage

Ulla – Amanda Bruce

Amanda Bruce
Roger De Bris – Dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong (BandW)
Carmen Ghia – Jarrod Makin

Jarrod Makin
Hold Me Touch Me – Joanne Lale

Joanne Lale

  • Bryan – Rob Harrison

Rob Harrison

  • Shirley Markowitz – Aston Fisher
  • Kevin – Paul McPherson
  • Scott – James Murray
  • Usherettes – Cathy Hyde & Amanda Dixon-Smith
  • Mr Marks – Rob Harrison
  • Accountants – Luke Grainger, Paul Johnson, Aadyll Muller, Chris Sims,
  • Lick Me Bite Me – Cathy Hyde
  • Kiss Me Feel Me – Sarah Millington
  • Jack Lapidus – Nick Smith
  • Donald Dinsmore – Sam Jones
  • Jason Green – TBC
  • Lead tenor – Drew Dennis
  • Storm trooper Rolf – Matthew Finkel
  • Storm trooper Mel – Chris Sims
  • Heilos -Luke Grainger, James Murray, Faye Springthorpe, Samantha Thorne,
  • Sergeant – Paul McPherson
  • Patrolmen – Rob Harrison & Aadyll Muller
  • Judge – Antony Watson
  • Foreman – Rob Harrison
  • Guard – Frank Nicholson
  • Prison Trustee – David Hargreaves
  • Convicts – Paul Johnson, Ian Pottage, Chris Sims, Nick Smith, Aadyll Muller,
  • ‘I Wanna Be A Producer’ Tappers – Lucy Castle, Louise Fiddes, Aston Fisher, Adele Lee, Justine Lee, Sarah Millington,
  • ‘Springtime For Hitler’ Showgirls – Louise Fiddes, Aston Fisher, Cathy Hyde, Fiona McHugh,
  • ‘Springtime For Hitler’ Tappers – Lucy Castle, Amanda Dixon-Smith, Laura Ellis, Adele Lee, Justine Lee, Sarah Millington,
  • Ensemble – Christine Booth, Laurel Fiddes, Harriet Hollowell, Louise Johnson, Janet Wootton